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Ego Pinetarsol Bar 100g


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A moisturising soap alternative in a bar for red, dry & itchy skin.
The gentle soap-free bar cleanses and relieves dry, inflamed and itchy skin. A combination of gentle surfactants and emollients hydrate the skin and help provide a protective barrier against moisture loss.
Pinetarsol Bar is ideal if you prefer a soap alternative which you can hold in your hand. It may be used in conjunction with Pinetarsol Bath Oil or Pinetarsol Solution if extra cleansing is required. Pinetarsol Bar cleanses your skin and helps relieve the itch without causing irritation.
Ingredients: Preservative: Methyl hydroxybenzoate.
Usage: Wet hands, lather Pinetarsol Bar and apply to affected area. Rinse, pat skin gently dry. Keep bar dry for prolonged usage.

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