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Coloxyl & Senna Tabs 30


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Pharmacy Only Medicine
Coloxyl with Senna provides a combined laxative and Faecal softening action for the treatment of Constipation or Impacted Faeces.
Some laxatives work by stimulating bowel movement. Some others are basically softeners; they work by aiding water absorption. But Coloxyl with Senna has a gentle dual-action to help restore your natural rhythm. Coloxyl with Senna tablets provide both a gentle stimulant to encourage the return of normal movement, and a faecal softener to help ensure your comfort.
Ingredients: Docusate Sodium 50mg; Sennosides (Calculated as Sennoside B) 8mg. This product is sugar free and free from Gluten Lactose and Preservatives.
Dosage: Adult dosage:1-2 tablets at night. Increase up to 4 tablets if required.
Precautions: May cause abdominal pain/cramps and bowel obstruction. Do not use for prolonged periods and maintain adequate fluid intake. Do not use in pregnancy.

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