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Betadine Antiseptic Liq Spray 75ml


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An effective antiseptic spray for the treatment of minor cuts, abrasions and wounds that may be susceptible to infection
Used in both hospitals and households around the country, this antiseptic is recommended for the treatment of minor cuts and abrasions and is also effective against school sores, tinea and ringworm. Betadine Antiseptic Spray rapidly kills all bacteria, fungi and viruses commonly responsible for wound and skin infections. It is essentially non-irritating to skin and will not permanently stain skin and natural fabrics.
Ingredients: 10% w/v povidone-iodine.
Usage: Hold bottle about 25cm from skin. Pressvalve firmly with index finger and spray from any angle to cover desired area. Allow to dry area. may be covered with a secondary dressing and bandaged if desired. replace cap after use. If actuation clogs remove and soak in warm water
Precautions: Always read the label carefully and use strictly as directed. 

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